We are Amp-fx // Engineering masterpieces handmade in Berlin, Germany.
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Amp-fx Philosophie
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You only pay for the pedal.

EP-Preamp V.2

Fullclone OhCeDe Fullclone OhCeDe Plus

Super Booster Klon

Micro Amp Klon

Wollmammut Klon

Keeley Compressor Klon

Micro Amp clone

Wollmammut clone

Keeley Compressor clone
True Bypass Looper 1 Loop
True Bypass Looper 2 Loop
True Bypass Looper 3 Loop

True Bypass Looper 1 Kanal

True Bypass Looper 2 Kanal

True Bypass Looper 3 Kanal


4 Kanal Patchbox

5 Kanal Patchbox

4 Kanal Patchbox gewinkelt

5 Kanal Patchbox gewinkelt

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(Psst... I heard that he is an electrical engineer. So he knows what he is doing!!)

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